Brc Certification

BRC Standard

The British Retail Consortium (BRC) is a trade association for the UK food retail industry created in 1992. The BRC has published standards for best practices for the food and manufacturing industries for two decades, and also publishes the On-Pack recycling standards for the UK. The BRC Global Food standard has been in existence since 1998, and in 2000 was the first food safety standard to be recognized by the GFSI organization, which means the standard meets their “benchmark” criteria for acceptance. The standard is designed as a “total quality management” program, and includes both food safety requirements and quality requirements which food manufacturers must meet in order to be certified.

BRC Certification

The BRC Global Standard is for Food Safety. This certification many times becomes necessary for doing business with UK and many European retailers and other global retailers. This food quality standard focuses on HACCP (Hazard analysis critical control point), food safety management system, competence of personnel performing various processes that has effect on food quality and various controls on processes, raw materials, infrastructure and work environment, This standard is most applicable to manufacturers of food contact packaging for retailers labeled products and branded products as well. Manufacturers have an obligation to put appropriate systems and controls in place to ensure the suitability of their packaging for safe food use.

The BRC and IOP (Institute of Packaging) have developed this standard to assist retailers and food manufacturers in the fulfillment of their legal obligations. This Standard will help in the protection of the consumer by providing a common basis for the audit of companies supplying packaging for food products to retailers.

BRC For Whom

The standard can be adopted by food manufacturers, especially by those organizations supplying British retailers. Third-party certification to the standard helps manufacturers, brand owners and retailers fulfill their legal obligations and safeguard consumers.

BRCGS have developed and released following standards for third party BRC Certification:

  • BRC Food Safety
  • BRC Packaging and Packaging Material
  • BRC Storage and Distribution
  • BRC Consumer Product
  • BRC Retail
  • BRC Agent and Broker
  • BRC Ethical Trader and Responsible Sourcing
  • BRC Gluten-Free Certification Program
  • BRC Plant-based Certification Program

Benefits of BRC Certification

  • Customers, employees, stockholders and competitors develop sustainable respect for an organization which demonstrates its commitment to food safety and/or packaging regulations
  • Operating costs drop as rework reduces, efficiencies increase and non-compliance penalties reduce
  • Improved credentials to supply retailers
  • An enhanced food safety and food safety management system
  • A demonstrable commitment to producing safe food. Increased customer confidence in your product’s safety and quality.