Your company, like many others, has no doubt discovered the cost advantages and flexibility of outsourcing. The focus has been on non-core functions and economies of scale but the range of outsourcing has continued to grow and now includes IT, HR, accounting, purchasing, engineering, call centers and many more areas. The newest offering in outsourcing is just beginning and involves the company’s Quality Management System.

Yari QualiTech makes good sense. Who better than a dedicated independent team of highly trained specialists to ensure that goals are being met? Especially since quality is so fundamental to Customer and bottom-line success. It is time-consuming and expensive to attempt to develop all the skills you need in this area and deal with constant turnover–as people move through their careers. Yari QualiTech provides consistency, expertise, third party objectivity and zero hassles.

“If you are not best-in-world in doing something, and are doing it in-house, you are giving up competitive edge. You could outsource to the best in the world, up the value and lower the cost.” Dr. James Brian Quinn

Why QMS Sourcing?

Reduce operating costs – Experience has shown a 40-60% reduction in costs from economies of scale, off-shore services and variable expense versus fixed costs of fulltime resources.
Focus resources and energy on core processes – Quality demands involvement of your scarcest resource–your best people, due to high visibility and risk. These are the same resources that are key to growing your core business.
World-class experience – It takes a great deal of time to teach your own people in the technical and complicated methods of quality management, and their only benchmark in many cases is entirely internal. Outsourcing brings a wealth of knowledge workers with specific skills honed from years of experience in all types of situations and businesses.
Objectivity – Your partner is outside the political landscape and focused entirely on your success, because it ensures their success by definition. They can even instill confidence in your customers that an independent third party is looking out for their interests.
Management attention – It’s an investment, and face it–management pays more attention to the ROI on any expenditure than it does on time spent by internal resources. As a partner, the QMS outsource must have direction from and accountability to top management.
Employee acceptance – It is much easier and less risky for an employee to air a sensitive issue with a third party than directly with their bosses.
Risk management – Objectivity, accountability, knowledge/experience, and practically unlimited resources are there when/where needed, which means no surprises.
Customer security – Your QMS outsource partner should be one voice of your Customer, ensuring their needs are known and met. At times they are your conscience when the all-to-often grey areas demand a dissenting voice.
Less hassles – No succession planning, no turnover, no delays in critical projects for lack of resources add up to a better quality of life for the client.

Functions can be Included in QMS Sourcing

Why “Yari QualiTech” for QMS Sourcing

Results – Start with the end in mind. “Yari QualiTech” guide customer to set clear measurable goals and deliverables with us and encourage expecting regular updates regarding the key milestones. We always focus on your success not your satisfaction; we are willing to tell you what you need to hear not just what you want to hear.

Reputation – “Yari QualiTech” has a proven track record and capabilities in all areas of the QMS you’re looking to outsource. We can manage the entire scope of work ourselves.

Relationship – There must be trust and compatibility right down to the core values of your organizations. Yari QualiTech will ensure a common mechanism of your overall Quality Culture, which shall be developed in accordance with your policies & customer requirements.

Regulation – Even with the best relationship there needs to be controls. “Yari QualiTech” always encourages customers to take responsibility to monitor progress on agreed-upon deliverables and also like to hear feedback from our partner.

Renewal – “Yari QualiTech” keeps the relationship strong through appropriate use of recognition and rewards for outstanding performance to our associates and expects the same from our Partners too. The most appreciated rewards are more business and strong endorsements. As we meet and exceed your expectations, we always look for customer to be happy and long term associations.