About IRIS Certification

The International Railway Industry Standard or IRIS Certification Rev 02 comprises of ISO 9001:2008 clauses embedded with additional requirements of railway standards such as First Article Inspection, Configuration Management, Change Management, Obsolescence management, Risk and Opportunity Management, Communication Management, Service Management in addition to the various ISO clauses.


IRIS certification is related to Railway industry. We also provide assistance in obtaining this certification. The goal of IRIS (International Railway Industry Standard) is to achieve global recognition and acceptance of audit results by all Railways stakeholders. This IRIS certification avoids possibility of multiple auditing, and therefore increases cost efficiency. IRIS enables high quality in audits as the audit records and audit results are collected and stored in a central database. IRIS standard comprises of an ISO 9001 based quality norms and an unique questionnaire available in 4 languages (EN, FR, GE, IT) with maturity level and scoring. IRIS approved certification bodies conduct an evaluation process with an assessment guideline by Single site certification (with remote locations). IRIS, rev.02 covers following areas within railway industry:

  • Railway equipments
  • Rolling stock
  • Signaling

IRIS certification requirements are an integral part of the management systems of participating companies and provide key benefits for:

System Integrators

  • Improve quality among your various production sites
  • Simplify the process of evaluating and approving suppliers
  • Remove the need for own-approval audits
  • Have access to accurate and reliable data from one common IRIS web database

Equipment Manufacturers

  • Enter and update your data on the IRIS platform
  • Information of successful certification can be made available to all systems integrators and prospective clients
  • Attain higher visibility in the industry
  • Save time and money with a single application for certification (ISO 9001 and IRIS)


  • Gain improvements across the entire supply chain, enhancing both railway equipment and rolling stock systems

Benefits of IRIS Certification

  • Simplified supplier evaluation and approval processes
  • Save time and money by eliminating individual supplier qualifications
  • Offer web-based availability of your certification information to your current and prospective customers
  • Improved product quality
  • Potential to combine certification with ISO 9001