Kosher Certification

KOSHER Certification

KOSHER Certification is Jewish religious certification. Kosher Certification is primarily product certification for food product. Food Safety Certification KOSHER Certification for FOOD product is mainly pertaining to consumption practise followed by Jewish community of Israel.

KOSHER Certification is demanded majorly in US markets where Jewish populations is quite spread. KOSHER Certification is mandatory for food products exported to USA, Israel, EUROPE and other major markets where jewish personnel spread.

KOSHER Certification aims at avoiding cross contamination of certain type food products such as Milk, Mean, Fish, Oil, Essential Oil etc.

KOSHER Certification is mandatory certification for any food products being exported to USA, EUROPE and other major markets.

Though Jewish dietary law is very complex, we have given below some general simplified guidelines:-

  • Certain animals may not be eaten at all. This restriction includes the flesh, organs, eggs and milk of the forbidden animals.
  • Of the animals that may be eaten, the birds and mammals must be killed in accordance with Jewish law.
  • All blood must be drained out from meat and poultry or broiled out of it before it is eaten.
  • Certain parts of permitted animals may not be eaten.
  • Fruits and vegetables are permitted, but must be inspected for bugs (which cannot be eaten)
  • Meat (the flesh of birds and mammals) cannot be eaten with dairy. Fish, eggs, fruits, vegetables and grains can be eaten with either meat or dairy. (According to some views, fish may not be eaten with meat).
  • Utensils (including pots and pans and other cooking surfaces) that have come into contact with meat may not be used with dairy, and vice versa. Utensils that have come into contact with non-kosher food may not be used with kosher food. This applies only where the contact occurred while the food was hot.
  • Grape products made by non-Jews may not be eaten.


If you are looking for Export from India or want to supply your material within India to exporter, its better to have your product to be Kosher certified. Kosher certification on your products will increase their marketability because more and more people are concerned about what they put into their bodies and where their food comes from.

Benefits of KOSHER Certification

Over $140 billion of Kosher certified products are consumed annually, and spending continues to rise like anything. Most Americans, Europeans’ and health conscious people eat some Kosher food every day. Survey shows a Kosher product will do better by 20% or more. In US more 40 % packed food is Kosher Certified.

  • The Kosher Organics symbol generates additional revenues by expanding the size of the market for your natural and organic products.
  • Going kosher is an investment your company makes in order to increase market reach and share.
  • Kosher certified foods and products are now in the nation’s 30,000 supermarkets, including big national chains.
  • There is clear evidence that a kosher symbol boosts market share, that a kosher product can win more favourable shelf space, and that a kosher certified product positioned next to a competing non kosher product will do better.
  • In order to meet this demand companies throughout the world are seeking kosher certification in order to expand their existing market.